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NextGen to add TB12 Quarterback Challenge to its events in 2019

In the past several years, NextGen All America has grown to become one of the top exposure camps for high school and youth football players. As evidenced by the 400-plus athletes that attended THE SHOW in June, NextGen has become one of the leaders in identifying top prospects earlier in the recruiting process. One of the most rigid positions to evaluate at an exposure camp is the quarterback. With that being the case, NextGen has decided to make an extensive change to their upcoming regional camps and THE SHOW in 2019.

NextGen will be adding the TB12 Quarterback Challenge to their regional camps and THE SHOW in 2019. NextGen and the TB12 Foundation, a non-profit foundation founded by current New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, are teaming up to ensure that the quarterbacks that come to the events are evaluated to NextGen’s highest capabilities. The TB12 Quarterback challenge will take evaluating quarterbacks to the next level.

Per NextGen:

“Each year our staff performs an extensive self-evaluation of our events. One area that we want to improve is our evaluation and selection of quarterbacks for THE SHOW. After meeting with our partners at TB12, we have decided to create the TB12 Quarterback Challenge. The TB12 Quarterback Challenge will be a separate pre-camp held prior to each of our regional camps. It will be a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of each participating quarterback. The objective is three-fold; First, it will help our NextGen staff better evaluate and select quarterbacks for THE SHOW. Second, it will provide a valuable independent assessment and report for young quarterbacks. Finally, it provides our scouting partners at XOS Digital the ability to provide more detailed analysis and informaton to their college recruiting clientele." Now when quarterbacks come to a NextGen event, they can assure that they’ll get a chance to showcase their talent in the TB12 Quarterback Challenge. We believe that this is a tremendous addition to our camp experience and we are extremely grateful that TB12 wants to pass their wisdom to the emerging generation of great quarterbacks. ”

Here is what the TB12 Foundation had to say about their relationship with NextGen:

TB12 Foundation on its support of NEXTGEN and THE SHOW:

“The TB12 Foundation is focused on maximizing the health, well-being, and athletic potential of elite young American amateur athletes. When we learned about how NextGen empowers so many young athletes to achieve their potential and maximize future opportunities, we were energized to do everything possible to help. We worked with the NextGen team to get information from our Body Coaches about hydration and nutrition out to the NextGen participants, and to help defray the registration fees for hundreds of athletes — so every athlete who wanted to attend a camp or The Show was able to go, regardless of their financial situation.”

TB12 Foundation on the TB12 Quarterback Challenge “Although our TB12 Method is designed to be used by athletes focused on any sport, we obviously feel a great connection to football and quarterbacks. We wanted to support NextGen’s QB Challenge to help support the next generation of great young quarterbacks, and to ensure that they're getting the best information to support their performance and longevity throughout their development.”

Check out some of the top prospects that were identified at THE SHOW in Atlanta back in June by Panther247.

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